The library of Dalian University of Technology was established in1950 . In 1963, a new independent library building with 8370 square meters was finished on the Ling campus. In 1988,the name of the library was changed to Dalian University Of Technology Library (DUT Library) in accordance with the changing of the college name.

In 1997,a new library named after the first president of the university Qu Bochuan was constructed to meet the rapid development of the library's automation and networking,as well as the university's growing teaching and scientific research needs. Currently, the library has 25000 square meters of floor space and consists of three parts. The major part is Bochuan Library with 20000 square meters and 2230 seats; the old library remains with 3000 square meters to store books and offer lending services of literature books; and the School of Chemical Engineering library downtown has 2000 square meters and 300 seats, primarily to provide services to meet chemical- resources needs.

The current leader of the Llibrary is professor Yang haitian . The Bochuan library has made continuous and great progress in automation and networking construction. An advanced network infrastructure has been established and many functions proceed automatically. The electronic resources have been made available online and a retrieval service is provided to the users via the campus network and Internet. Bochuan Library participates in extensive cooperative activities with more than 70 university libraries and information centers in 15 countries. It is also playing a very important role as a member library in the Libraries Association of Dalian City, and in Liaoning Province and even northeastern part of China.

DUT Library will adapt itself to the needs of modernization and digitalization, keeping up with modern times, enhancing digitized construction, seeking support based on its services, strengthening its administration, and raising efficiency. A modern, open, multifunctional library will be constructed to fit in with the development goal of DUT. The library will approach the advanced international level in literature guarantee, information environment, service level,and staff quality. And the Library will make great social,scientific,and technological contributions to civilization.


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