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The Overall Scientific and Technological Work in DUT

(1) Basic research and national projects

The number of DUTs basic research and national projects has been keeping increasing in recent years. In 2007, 126 projects were funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, of which 1 gained the National Innovative Research Group Project (circulating fund), 4 got the Outstanding Youth Science Fund, 1 got the Overseas Young Scholar Cooperative Research Fund, and there were five key projects and 111 general projects as well. DUT has also made good achievements in State 863 Plan and 973 Plan. As the university was responsible for the Plans, 17 special projects of the 863 Plan, 4 projects of the 973 plan and 1 preliminary special project were approved.

(2) Conversion of production-study-research achievements

In 2007, DUT joined the Strategic Alliance of New Coal Chemical Engineering Technology and the Innovative Strategic Alliance of Advanced Near-net Forming in Die & Mould Manufacturing Technology at the national level, launched by six ministries and commissions of the country. DUT has also established a strategic cooperative relationship with a group of influential large enterprises in the country, such as FAW Group Corporation. And the Graduate School of DUTs cooperation with CNPC Liaohe Petroleum and Shenyang Blower Group achieved many scientific programs.

As for the technological achievements, a group of influential technology such as Coal Coking, Moisture Control and Grading Device, and High-Performance Copper Alloy Electromagnetic Semi-continuous Casting Technology have been industrialized in some economically developed areas. The platform-building for Liaoning Province and conversion of the achievements were also carried on.

(3) Base-building and international cooperation

DUT currently has four national key laboratories, one national engineering research center, one national university science park, one national technology transfer center, one state technology center, two key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, five provincial key laboratories, and a group of provincial engineering research center.

DUT has established a research center and joint laboratory respectively with Johannes Gutenberg University MAINZ (Germany) and Napson Corporation (Japan) in recent years. DUT also actively attended 2007 China-Japan-Korea Industry Fair and continued to promote the technological exchange with Japans Iwate University.

(4) Scientific and technological achievements and awards

DUT has gained scientific and technological awards in recent years. In 2007, a Study of Calculating for Wave Forces Acting on Perforated Caisson and Its Application, and Multi-dimensional Seismic Analysis and Vibration Control of High-rise Buildings: Its Theory and Engineering Application won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. And Energy-saving and High-efficient Laser-arc Welding Integration Technology won the second prize of National Technological Invention Award. As the second party in charge of A Study of Contaminant Transport Process and System Coupling Model in Different Hydrodynamic Conditions, DUT won the second prize of National Natural Science Award.

For four consecutive years, DUT has been one of Chinas top 20 universities whose papers have been mostly selected into the three major indexing databases SCI, EI and ISTP, with a result much better than last year. In 2006, 889 papers were selected into SCI and DUT ranked 17th; 1166 into EI and 9th; 495 into ISTP and 14th. The trend that more and more papers are being citied presents the increasing overall strength of the basic and the applied research of the university and some of its disciplines. In 2007, the volume of patents applied and authorized was pleasing. And there have been 175 patent applications so far, of which there are 167 inventions and 7 utility models. Of the patents authorized, there are 63 inventions and 12 utility models.

(5) Humanities and social sciences research

In 2007, many social science programs were funded by the State Social Science Fund, the Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Office of Education, etc. DUT also invested over one million yuan to set up Humanities and Social Sciences Fund for the development of the disciplines.


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